About Me

While music is only one part of my intentionally eclectic life, it has always been present. My mother tells me that I wanted to play the violin in kindergarten and eventually, in third grade, I did pick it up in my school string program. That was some 40 years ago now. Hard to believe I’ve done anything for 40 years.

I value my lifetime of learning from wise and wonderful teachers who have generously shared their musical gifts. Those supportive, comforting, encouraging, patient, creative musicians helped to mold me into the teacher and performer I’ve become.


I approach teaching and performing from the same inner place--an intuitive, passionate, empathetic, and fun space that guides musical (and sometimes personal and spiritual) journeys of discovery.

What music has brought me, in so many different colors and layers, is a connection to and deeper understanding of the world and people around me. I value its transcendent beauty, intimacy, camaraderie, and insight into cultures and communities. Music is truly a universal language and when I move in the world without my violin, I often feel limbless and mute. That conduit for connection and communication is what I hope to share as a musician and a teacher.