Selected Audio Samples

Views and Brews is a discussion show taped live at the Cactus Cafe. In this episode of KUT’s Views and Brews from December 2, 2014, Rebecca McInroy talks with Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe, Itzik Gottesman, and David Gilden about the past, present, and future of klezmer music. Along with the interview, five bands, including Kolorash, joined the stage to illustrate the various styles of klezmer.

I had a lot of fun playing with 1001 Nights Orchestra on Eklektikos on KUTX 98.9FM with John Aielli on 5/21/14. Here is the KUTX page where they've edited it to just the songs (without all the talking.)

I have always really loved this song, All for You by George Bancroft, and been really proud of my work on it. So, I was thrilled to find it online and be able to share it so easily. George Bancroft, Heroes and Heartaches, 1994

I played with Late Night Chinese on and off for a few years in the mid '90's or so and deeply loved their beautiful intensity and multi-layered, lyrical music. For a while, we played a happy hour stint at the old Steamboat on 6th St. every Saturday night. We even opened for Timbuk 3 on one of those evenings! This recording is most likely a live board recording from one of those nights and one of my favorite songs from lead singer/guitarist, John Barnes, called Hang Around

Around that same time, I was performing somewhat regularly around town with singer-songwriter, Susan Colton, as well. This song, This Ole Mountain, always cuts right to my heart and brings tears to my eyes. It was released on Susan's 1994 release, Fragile Intuition, and the first time we played it together sitting in rocking chairs in her living room, it came out about like this. It's another life-long favorite and I'm really happy with my part on the recording.