Milkwood Thistle Promenade

cdcover My debut solo CD is called Milkwood Thistle Promenade (released 6/2011). The CD has nine tracks (seven original and two traditional tunes) and was inspired by a long and winding musical life filled with lots of love and guidance along the way.

It was produced by my great friend, Darrel Mayers of Mundi, engineered by Eric Calistri, mastered by David Murray, and replicated locally at Affordable Sound.

Milkwood Thistle Promenade features several of my great musical friends and longtime co-horts : Don Weeda (accordion), Jerry Hagins (banjo), Theo Bick (Hurdy-Gurdy), and, of course, my sweetheart husband, Eric Vormelker (Bass/Guitar).

And the amazing, breathtakingly, achingly beautiful cover art was done by none other than my friend, the wonderful Howard Rains.

Milkwood Thistle Promenade was named one of the Top 10 Local Albums You Missed By Raoul Hernandez, Fri., Jan. 6, 2012, Austin Chronicle

"Your bonus for weathering the summer heat, a cool respite of violin strings singing in all their rosined glory." Reviewed by Margaret Moser, 'Girlie Action', Fri., Aug. 19, 2011, Austin Chronicle

"One of my favorite things about true artists is their ability to use all the crayons in the box. Lisa does that, not only by using a variety of styles, but she also brings in other instruments played by friends and herself. Others on the banjo, accordian, hurdy gurdy and guitars add depth to her tunes." All Things Green Review by the lovely Abby Green, Aug. 7, 2015, All Things Green, Abby Green, That is... Blog

edinburghMilkwood Thistle Promenade is available for sale locally at the following places:

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My CD is also available to check out in the Austin Public Library!!!

I hope you enjoy it.